Route 5683

Wallace Soares
2 min readFeb 15, 2018


Watching those movies about love, about how incredible is to find someone who actually understands and gets everything about you always make me think if I would have that feeling. I already told you that. It’s a perspective that once you put your eyes on you start to see things differently. In my opinion, there is nothing that matches this switch.

Get to know you, about your life, about your past always sum my experience in living. You taught me things I know you will never be aware of. I always force me to learn everytime of every second of my life and I never thought that I could learn that much. I always try to make the same impact in your life as you do in mine.

Life does some tricky things to match together people if you think about it. The most improbable things were put together for our meeting to happen. It is funny to look at these things in the past but is exciting to look the future and how great things are waiting for us. But we do not need not rush. Life is always a ride, let us just enjoy every piece of wind that comes to shake our hair and every lyrics of our favorite songs.

Today I know better how love has an influence on us and how it can lead us to a better road. Sometimes you have to turn in opposite direction maintain the engine running. Sometimes you can turn the engine off to look at the view but you should never stop enjoy and loving the ride, and I’m enjoying so much that looks I’m in an autonomous car without driving it. And today at this Valentine’s Day I know that the road sometimes can be tricky, noisy, and we could be out of gas but I know we always can found a gas station to put some more… and buy some snacks.

You know that I love you. And always will.

Happy Valentine’s Day.