4 tips to make your car fuel-efficient


1. If you don’t need power, don’t make noises!

I often pick an Uber ride and I often see the driver making the engine scream. The driver cannot pass 40km/h because the other car in front is maintaining speed, but the Uber driver is keeping the car in 3rd gear. We can hear the engine: “PLEASE SHIFT TO FOURTH, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!”.

  1. Sound. If you are hearing the engine you probably need to change.
  2. Newton’s Law(Don’t know which one). If you can’t hear the engine you can try to lift the foot out of the gas pedal. If you feel the car braking without putting the foot on the brake pedal you probably need to change gears. This is because the gear that you are is not fitted for your speed and is actually braking the car.
  3. If your car has an RPM digital or analog pointer and you pass 2750 RPMs you have to change gears.

2. Do not apply full gas pedal at low RPMs.

Most of the cars reach high torque values between 4000–6000 RPMs. (https://goo.gl/uVVTHb)

3. Do not hold the car on a hill with a half clutch.

4. Traffic lights should be synchronized!

Nowadays most of the traffic lights are synchronized to maintain the cars on 50km/h. By knowing your way you know if there are traffic lights and it is a waste of energy leave one traffic light with full gas power to take the next one on the green. You probably will stop again. So don’t press the full pedal to reach 60–80km/h very quick. You are not racing. You can pass through every gear with no hurry, pressing 50% tops of the gas pedal and change every time the engine reaches 2500RPMs.



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